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Mercedes Benz Classic R129 and Mercedes-Benz Contemporary R231

2003 - Present



Contemporary Mercedes-Benz vehicles produced starting in 2003 are on a "Flexible Service System". The standard maintenance of the vehicles from this era include oil services and inspections at approximately 10,000 mile intervals. The other operating fluids have an independent schedule depending on engine type, driveline, and transmission. Detailed information regarding the services can be found below. 

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In addition to the maintenance of your contemporary Mercedes-Benz we also offer full diagnostic and repairs. 

Our service department is equipped with the diagnostic scanner and special Mercedes-Benz tools required to quickly and efficiently diagnose, repair, and get your Mercedes-Benz back to you. We have extensive experience with the AIRMATIC suspension system, 722.6 and 722.9 transmissions, the multiple control and thrust arm suspension systems, and everything in between. We approach all repairs with the customer in mind and strive to provide you with superior service in every way.

Flexible Service System A 


also referred to as "FSS-A" or "A-Service" or "Minor Service"


Performed first at 10,000 miles or after 1 year. Then approximately every 20,000 miles or 2 years.

After the first 10,000 mile service, the A and B-Services will alternate every 10,000 miles. 


The A-Service includes the following:

  • Synthetic engine oil and oil filter change.

  • Check and correct all engine compartment fluid levels.

  • Check and correct transmission fluid level (installation of new transmission dipstick lock, if equipped).

  • Check condition of the poly v-belt and hoses.

  • Check and correct tire inflation pressures.

  • Inspect tires for wear and damage.

  • Inspection suspension / driveline.

  • Inspect exhaust system.

  • Check brake system and document thickness of brake pads as well as condition of rotors.

  • Inspect engine, transmission, steering, and cooling systems for visible leaks.

  • Verify proper operation of interior and exterior lighting, horn, wiper/washer system, and sunroof.

  • Reset vehicle FSS / Service counter in the instrument cluster. 

FSS Maintenance Sysem

Check out our A-Service Video below

Flexible Service System B 


also referred to as "FSS-B" or "B-Service" or "Major Service"


Performed first at 20,000 miles or after 2 years. Then approximately every 20,000 miles or 2 years.

After the first 20,000 mile service the B and A-Services will alternate every 10,000 miles. 


The B-Service includes the following:

  • ALL items including in the A-Service (listed above), PLUS the items listed below:

  • Check engine air filter, clean housing, advise if replacement of filter is needed.

  • Inspect the front axle joints and wheel bearings 

  • Inspect the steering components 

  • Visually inspect the vehicle underbody

  • Lubricate the throttle / shift linkage and check for proper function

  • Visually check engine compartment components 

  • Perform comprehensive battery and charging system tests

  • Perform a diagnostic scan of all control units. Check and record engine self-adaptations

  • Replace the climate control dust filter(s)

  • Replace the front wiper blades, replace the rear wiper blade (if applicable)

  • Road test the vehicle 

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