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1985 300SDL 

Take a more modern Step into the Classic Lifestyle

There's something special about driving a car from the fifties, but with momentary joy comes the unexpected realities of keeping, and driving, an older vehicle. Creature comforts like AC are quickly missed, speed, you'll find out, is relative (even in a sports car), and that's not even touching the expense and patience required for maintaining a vehicle of that age.

While a 70-year-old car might not be in the cards for you, you don't have to give up your dream of adding a classic to your collection. Take a look at the 300SDL, an example of Mercedes' flagship sedan from the brands' golden years featuring some of their most cutting-edge tech of the period, safety, and comfort in a package that evokes the classics of old without giving up modern luxuries. And did we mention it's a diesel?

This vehicle has just under 200,000 miles but is in pristine condition and has been meticulously maintained by Black Forest Mercedes-Benz experts, including its most recent services and inspection.

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