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Becker Audio

Black Forest is happy to support Wisconsin clients with their Becker Audio needs.


For any out of state inquires we recommend Becker Autosound.

They can be reached at 201-773-0976 or

If your factory radio / cassette player isn't performing like it used to, don't diminish your classic car's value by installing a contemporary aftermarket unit. Becker has always represented the state of the art in car audio, and your Mercedes deserves to have the appropriate period-correct Becker in top working condition.

For those of you who'd like to use your mp3 player or satellite radio receiver in your classic through 1999 Mercedes, your Becker radio can be modified to accept an auxiliary input source. A small black cube containing an Aux-in jack can be hidden in your glove box, center console, or anywhere you'd like.
The input signal bypasses the radio tuner and tape sections and goes directly to the amplifier for thecleanest possible sound.


If you live in the Milwaukee-Chicago area and are able to visit us in person, give us a call or email to schedule an appointment.

For the rest of the USA: If you wish to send in your radio for repairs or are in need of a replacement unit, please contact our friends at Becker Autosound in Saddle Brook, NJ.

For Europe: We recommend Königs Klassik Radios located in Haan, Germany.

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