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Pricing and Options


Like all things in automotive repair, you never know what you're quite getting into until you get under the hood, but
with our Solex Carburetor Exchange Program, we have
tiered pricing so that you know what to expect.

Tier 1: starting at $2,000

Carburetors in tier one have no damage and minimal wear. All parts are in good condition and cores can be reused with no issues.


Carburetors in this tier are in excellent condition and just need an expert touch to get them looking and working pristinely.

Tier 2: starting at $2,500

Carburetors in tier two have little-to-no damage and normal wear to working parts. We can reuse nearly every piece of your carburetors, including the cores.


Carburetors in this tier are in good, working condition and require minimal extra effort beyond the normal restoration process

Tier 3: starting at $3,500

Carburetors in tier three have damaged parts that need replacing or extra wear than normal, but the cores and majority of parts can be reused. 

Tier 3 carbs take a bit longer and cost a little more due to increased labor, but you'll still save a lot of time and money with the core exchange.

Tier 4: starting at $4,500

Tier 4 carburetors need parts replaced and heavy restoration. Cores need to be inspected closely to see if they can be exchanged.

Exact pricing for tier 4 depends largely on the core's condition. If we can reuse them, it's a bit more inspection time to ensure they can be done within spec. If not, then we move toward Tier 5 territory.

Tier 5: starting at $5,500

Tier 5 is reserved for a total rehaul of the carburetor set. Not much is reusable and we'll have to source parts for replacements, including cores, which will then have to be inspected and sent out for machining as well.

Carburetors in this tier are in bad shape and will essentially need a total rebuild. We'll save what we can, but if the cores aren't reusable we're essentially back to rebuilding an individual set rather than including them in the exchange program.

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