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Service Department

At Black Forest, we provide the highest level of service available for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. We meet or exceed factory standards for maintenance and repair procedures. Our uncompromising approach employs only the highest quality parts, lubricants, operating fluids, and shop supplies. And our extensive collection of Mercedes-Benz documentation, diagnostic equipment, and special tools provides us with the ability to maintain and repair your Mercedes in the manner that its engineers intended. 


We also realize that there is a less-tangible but equally important human factory involved in the automotive service business. That's why we seek to build and maintain long-term relationships with our customers based upon mutual trust. We know that having your car serviced can sometimes be a stressful experience, but that stress can be reduce or eliminated when trust is established.  



Regardless of your vehicle’s age, we have a service program that’s right for you...


Historically, Mercedes-Benz owners have kept their cars longer than owners of any other marque — ten or more years on average. This has been possible due to the time-tested combination of superior engineering, high build quality, and ample preventive maintenance.

If you closely examine our suggested maintenance schedules and compare them to those prescribed by Mercedes-Benz, you'll notice that we apply the older, more rigorous maintenance standards to newer cars as well. We believe that the factory has relaxed its maintenance schedules in the past ten years as a marketing device, and our experience shows that this has proven detrimental to these vehicles
in the long run. Because of this, we've developed our A+ and B+ services to provide a more comprehensive level of preventive maintenance for 1998 and newer cars.

If you plan to keep your Mercedes for a long time, whether it's a 1982 300D or a 2005 S500, we have a maintenance program that will help you to accomplish your long-term ownership goal. And if, instead, you prefer to replace your car every few years, we'll be happy to work within the current factory maintenance schedules to ensure that your warranty protection will be preserved and that the maintenance obligations under your lease are fulfilled and documented. In either case the choice is yours, and our job is to help you choose wisely.

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A realistic alternative to Factory Service

Services for your 2003 & newer Mercedes-Benz vehicle


High-tech care for your "Generation Z" Mercedes-Benz.

Services for your Mercedes-Benz 1998 through 2002 vehicle


Maintenance and repair for your workhorse or preservation of your future classic

Services for your 1980 through 1997 Mercedes-Benz vehicle


Conservation of your treasured classic, plus a broad range of restoration services 

Services for your classic Mercedes-Benz (Pre-1980) vehicles 

If you are considering the purchase of a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz, a pre-purchase inspection is a wise expenditure. We are able to provide a clear picture of the car's overall condition and point out specific issues that may or will need to be addressed. We can help to protect you from purchasing a misrepresented vehicle with hidden problems and / or one requiring extensive and potentially pricey repairs. Additionally, our staff will provide you with knowledge that will help you to negotiate a sensible price. 

For all vehicles 1985 and newer, we perform a comprehensive one-hour inspection

followed by a road test and consultation. 

For all vehicles 1985 and older we would start with a consultation so we can better

understand your ownership goals and then advise as to the best way to proceed. In some

cases that means a comprehensive one-hour inspection and for a full restoration candidate it

may include a more comprehensive inspection (all to help protect you from purchasing

a potentially misrepresented vehicle). 


Whether you are looking for a daily driver, a restoration candidate, or a fully restored classic we can help.

To view vehicles currently available for sale please visit the Parsifal website.



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