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For Mercedes-Benz classic cars produced before 1980 we recommend calling to discuss your specific vehicle.



In addition to the maintenance of your Mercedes-Benz classic cars from before 1980 we also offer full diagnostic and repairs. 

Black Forest LLC reserves the right to deny further service for any reason

Offered Maintenance


Oil Change or "Lubrication Service"

Recommended at 3,500 mile intervals for vehicles running regular oil

The Engine Oil Service includes the following:​

  • Engine oil and oil filter change.

  • Check and correct all engine compartment fluid levels.

  • Check condition of v-belts.

  • Check and correct tire inflation pressures.

  • Inspect tires for wear and damage.

  • Check thickness of brake pads and condition of brake rotors.

  • Verify proper operation of lights, horn, and wiper/washer system.

  • Recommended at 3,500 mile intervals. 

Brake Fluid Flush

FSS Maintenance Sysem

  • Completely evacuate old brake fluid from reservoir.

  • Refill system with fresh fluid and pressure bleed lines and calipers.

  • Recommended every year for vehicles built prior to 1998

  • Drain the radiator, engine, and heater core of old coolant.

  • Refill system with fresh Mercedes-Benz Antifreeze/Anticorrosion agent, diluted with water to proper strength

  • In cases where the vehicle is presented to us with coolant of the incorrect type, we will completely flush the cooling system with Mercedes-Benz flushing agent followed by water until completely clean. Only then will we refill the system with fresh Mercedes-Benz Antifreeze / Anticorrosion agent, diluted with water to proper strength. If this procedure is required, there will be an additional parts and labor charge.

  • Recommended every three years.

Cooling System Service

  • Perform computerized spin balance of all four wheels using proper Mercedes-Benz two-piece wheel weights.

  • Rotate tires upon re-installation.

  • Road test vehicle.

Rotate and Balance Tires

  • Drain all oil fluid from transmission and torque converter.

  • Replace transmission oil filter and oil pan gasket.

  • Refill with Mercedes-Benz approved ATF.

  • Recommended every 30,000 miles

Automatic Transmission Service

  • Drain old lubricant and inspect its condition before disposal.

  • Refill with appropriate type and weight gear oil.

Differential Service

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