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Mercedes-Benz Contemporary Car R230 W211 W220

Vehicle Service 2000-Present

There’s nothing quite like bringing a long-loved Mercedes-Benz classic back to life but that doesn’t mean we leave the young-timers, or even contemporary Mercedes-Benz, out to dry. From regular scheduled services to daily wear-and-tear, bring in your Benz from year 2000-present and let the local Mercedes-Benz restoration and repair experts take a look.

Our simplest service provides an oil change and checkup on your most vital components including:

  • Castrol synthetic engine oil and filter change

  • Check and correct engine compartment fluid levels

  • Check and correct transmission fluid level

  • Check condition of poly v-belt and hoses

  • Check and correct tire inflation pressures

  • Inspect tires for wear and damage

  • Inspect driveline and exhaust sysyem

  • Check thickness of brake pads and condition of
    brake rotors

  • Inspect engine, transmission, steering, and cooling system for visible leaks

  • Verify proper operation of interior and exterior 
    lighting, horn, wiper/washer system, and sunroof

  • Rotate tires (when applicable)

  • Reset vehicle FSS counter

Our comprehensive Service-B provides all items under 
Service-A, PLUS:


  • Replace Wipers

  • Replace Cabin Filter

  • Check engine air intake filter

  • Check front axle ball joints & wheel bearings

  • Check steering components

  • Visually check vehicle underbody

  • Lubricate throttle linkage and check proper function

  • Visually check engine compartment components

  • Perform comprehensive battery and charging system test

Service-B from $450

Service-A from $250

Mercedes-Benz Classic Cars - SL-Class R231
Mercedes-Benz Classic Cars - G Wagon G Class
Mercedes-Benz Classic Cars - SL-Class R230 R129 SL
Mercedes-Benz Classic Cars - E-Class E350 W212

Interested in learning more? Check out your specific year below for a detailed list of services.

Mercedes-Benz Contemporary Cars - S-Class S65 AMG

A realistic alternative to Dealer Service

Services for your 2003 & newer contemporary Mercedes-Benz vehicle

Mercedes-Benz Classic Cars

High-tech care for your "Generation Z" Mercedes-Benz.

Services for your contemporary Mercedes-Benz 1998 through 2002 vehicle

Mercedes-Benz Classic Cars

Maintenance and repair for your workhorse or preservation of your future classic

Services for your 1980 through 1997 classic Mercedes-Benz vehicle

Mercedes-Benz Classic Cars - SL Class R107 W121

Conservation of your treasured classic, plus a broad range of restoration services 

Services for your classic Mercedes-Benz (Pre-1980) vehicles 

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If you are considering the purchase of a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz, a pre-purchase inspection is a wise expenditure. We are able to provide a clear picture of the car's overall condition and point out specific issues that may or will need to be addressed. We can help to protect you from purchasing a misrepresented vehicle with hidden problems and / or one requiring extensive and potentially pricey repairs. Additionally, our staff will provide you with knowledge that will help you to negotiate a sensible price. 

For all vehicles 1985 and newer, we perform a comprehensive one-hour inspection followed by a road test and consultation. 

For all vehicles 1985 and older we would start with a consultation so we can better understand your ownership goals and then advise as to the best way to proceed. In some cases that means a comprehensive one-hour inspection and for a full restoration candidate it may include a more comprehensive inspection (all to help protect you from purchasing a potentially misrepresented vehicle). 


Whether you are looking for a daily driver, a restoration candidate, or a fully restored classic we can help.

Check out our "for sale" page to see what we've got available as well

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Not every shop can fully service your Mercedes-Benz. And by "not every shop" we really mean almost no one.


When it comes to theft-relevant parts (TRP) including keys, only dealers and specially authorized shops can meet your needs. Black Forest is one of the only authorized non-dealer auto shops in the area able to take these on. From replacing keys to electronic steering locks to VIN-stamped parts, no matter how trusted your local mechanic is, they won't be able to get what you need to get your car back on the road. 

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Mercedes-Benz authorized TRP
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