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The Process


Step 1: The Review

Not every set of carbs is created equally. A car that's been driven hard for decades will have quite a bit more wear than one that's been sitting in a garage, but both have their own unique issues to address. 

We start our process with a thorough review of your Solex carburetors, inspecting each and every lever, seal, screw and surface. We're looking for normal wear, damage, past restoration attempts and defects to find exactly what parts can be repaired and what needs to be replaced altogether. 


Step 2: The Results

Based on our findings, we'll let you know what we can use, what needs to be replaced, and how that all fits into the exchange program.

Best case scenario: we'll exchange cores, clean and replate the rest, and send them back to you ASAP. In other cases we'll have to find some replacement parts and do a little more digging, but the bottom line is that we'll let you know how your carbs look, what we need, if anything, to finish the job, and how long it will take.


Step 3: The Cores

We constantly have a set of cores going through an extensive restoration process to keep the exchange moving. 

We refinish the surfaces, polish and sand the seals, re-machine the boreholes to exacting measurements, and meticulously reassemble the carbs to get them ready for the next project.

Step 4: The Restoration

Here's where the magic happens. Our experts will carefully tear apart your Solex carburetor and get the restoration started.


We'll clean, replate, and refinish what we can, replace what we can't and get your carbs looking as good as new. Every surface, screw, spring, and lever will get treated with the utmost care and attention, ensuring each aspect of your carbs is brought back to pristine condition, installed correctly, tested, and ready to get back to work.

Step 5: The Exchange

Once we restore the rest of your Solex carburetor, we exchange the cores with one of our previously restored sets, already having gone through their own extensive process, cutting down on time, and cost.

We'll keep your cores, start the restoration process on those, and will get them ready for the next project that comes our way.

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