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The Two Plunger Bosch EFEP 385A

Our dedicated TWO plunger bench

This 385A is same model as our other 385As, but has been specifically set up for 2-plunger Bosch fuel injection pumps commonly seen in vehicles like the W128 220SE, W111 220SEb, and the W112 300SE. 

While the pump itself only has 2-plungers the vehicles still have six injectors, requiring each plunger to feed fuel to three injectors at one time. Through some special modifications including a mounted rack, we can easily exchange injectors to test working condition and rearrange the order in an attempt to equalize fuel distribution.


While these pumps are more difficult to calibrate and allow less control throughout the process, our 2-plunger bench setup ensures that we will detect performance issues while providing a simple and relatively quick method of testing different injectors, injector lineups, or change focus to the internal workings of the pump if needed. 


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