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The engine control module is an electronic control unit that ensures optimal engine performance. It reads a number of sensors, interprets the data using performance maps, and adjusts engine acuators to effect the ignition timing, idle speed, and air-fuel mixture that used to be controlled through a number of mechanical and pneumatic systems. 

An authorized service provider is required to program and replace items such as the electronic ignition switches seen to the right. As the acronym "TRP" suggests, this is to prevent the ordering of parts like ignition switches and keys for stolen cars, keeping them sidelined and less likely to be resold without the owner's consent. The image to the right show how the workshop keys featured above
are utilized.

The electronic steering lock caused one recent customer more than two weeks of delays as the car was inspected and partially disassembled at the previous shop before they realized the issue, transferred to us, reinspected, parts ordered, and finally repaired.

The "Workshop Key" is a one-time use software product that is required for programming new theft-relevant parts (TRP) and is only available to authorized shops and dealers. 

Not every shop can fully service your Mercedes-Benz. And by "not every shop" we really mean almost no one.


When it comes to theft-relevant parts (TRP) including keys, only dealers and specially authorized shops can meet your needs. Black Forest is one of the only authorized non-dealer autoshops in the area able to take these theft-relevant parts (TRP) on. From replacing keys to electronic steering locks to VIN-stamped parts, no matter how trusted your local mechanic is, they won't be able to get what you need to get your car back on the road. 

Authorized Theft Related Parts Workshop Keys
Authorized Theft Related Parts Electronic Steering Lock (ESL)

While many shops will accept a vehicle for service, they may not realize the issue involves theft-relevant parts (TRP) until work has already begun, leaving your vehicle off the road until an authorized shop can be located to get involved. This costs time, money, and will leave you sidelined. In an age where many shops are scheduling weeks in advance, it's simply not worth the risk. 

Theft-relevant parts (TRP) include but are not limited to:

  • Electronic vehicle key

  • Electronic steering lock (ELV, ESL, ESCL)

  • Electronic ignition switch (EZS/EIS) and workshop key for personalization

  • Electronic ignition switch with integrated central gateway (EZS/ZGW, EIS/CGW)

  • Electronic selector lever module (EWM/ESM)

  • Transmission control unit (VGS, TCM)

  • Direct shift module (DSM, ISM)

  • Engine control unit (MSG, MCM)

  • Power electronics for electric drive with DAS (TUBE)

  • Locking sets and mechanical keys

Authorized Theft Related Parts Ignition
Authorized Theft Related Parts Workshop Keys

Theft-Relevant Parts (TRP)

Theft-Relevant Parts and Keys

Authorized Theft Related Parts Engine Control Module (ECM)
Authorized Theft Related Parts Engine Control Module (ECM)
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